Specialty Brokerage

Patriot’s Specialty Brokerage Team provides strategic insurance business consulting solutions through the delivery of innovative, reputable and specialty products, providing clientele with the highest standards of service and ethics, while helping mitigate risk and promote growth.

Consultative, Client-Focused Model

Patriot’s Specialty Brokerage’s model is based on a consultative approach that first and foremost seeks to understand each client’s unique business structure, offerings, and inherent risks. After conducting in-depth needs assessments, our client-focused team members offer insight into all available options to mitigate risk and streamline business operations. Our team members then construct optimal solutions that best satisfy the established business goals and requirements.

Deep Industry Knowledge

Patriot’s Specialty Brokerage Team members continually strive to gain in-depth knowledge of our industry, as well as knowledge of each of the industries in which our clients operate. Truly focused on positively impacting their clients’ bottom lines, our team members always work toward updating our internal knowledge bases. By constantly learning more, team members gain valuable expertise that enables them to fully understand their clients’ businesses and inherent risks and enables them to offer sound advice and solutions.

Dedicated Team Members

Quality service is not only a key to how Patriot’s Specialty Brokerage obtains clients, it’s also how we retain clients. Our team members recognize the value of excellent customer service and top-notch client relations, so our success in satisfying our customers is a direct result of dedicated personnel. From top-level insurance executives through claims adjusters and computer specialists, all of our team members are devoted to providing the best service possible to our clients.