Investigative Services

Patriot's Investigative Services Team delivers results. Whether it's our cutting edge technology, highly experienced and professional investigators, or our extreme quality control measures, it all boils down to results. Utilizing the SWARM™ service model, Investigative Services obtains a clearer direction when conducting investigations due to open communication between other departments such as Subrogation.

  • Surveillance
  • Statements
  • Medical Canvass
  • Background Check
  • SWARMTM Link

Additional Investigative Services:

  • Activity Check
  • Claims Support Services
  • Copy Service For Legal
  • Dependency Check
  • DVD Copy Service
  • DVD Delivery
  • Claim File Document Delivery
  • Indemnity Check Delivery
  • Employment Verification Check
  • Automated Criminal Incarceration Checks
  • Prior Insurance Claims Check
  • Law Enforcement Assistance
  • Legal Searches And Investigative Support
  • Live Well Check Police Report
  • Risk Management Support
  • SIU Claims Investigations
  • SIU Investigative Review
  • SIU Triage SSN Match/Verification Reoccurring Pharmacy checks
  • On-Site Clinic Checks


Video surveillance is used to determine a claimant's current activity level during the course of a claim. Patriot's investigators use the latest Video Surveillance Equipment to ensure top quality footage for our clients.

Patriot's preliminary investigations team conduct a SwarmLink™ search, which is a pre-investigative work-up of a file before surveillance even begins, to fully equip the field team with the knowledge needed to conduct an effective and successful surveillance assignment.


Interviews are conducted to obtain facts of the incident and determine the compensability and subrogation potential of a claim. A professionally conducted statement can be a priceless tool in determining the compensability and subrogation potential of a claim. Patriot's highly experienced investigators have conducted thousands of interviews related to all lines of insurance claims. They are expertly trained in verbal and non-verbal communication and ask the important follow up questions that provide our clients with all of the important facts.

  • Fully dedicated investigators whose sole function is to conduct statements
  • Unlike other companies, Patriot understands that there is a clear difference in skill sets between surveillance and statement investigators and that a "one size fits all" approach is not the most effective method for statements
  • Stringent continuing education requirements for investigators

Medical Canvass

A medical canvass checks the claimant's prior medical history. A properly conducted medical canvass is an invaluable and cost effective tool in determining past medical history and pre-existing conditions. Patriot offers a fast, accurate, and cost-effective way to help ensure a claim is evaluated properly. Unlike other medical canvass companies, Patriot offers a comprehensive search that can be tailored to each subject.

Medical Facilities: Hospitals, Pharmacies, and Walk-in Clinics
Optional Facilities: Diagnostic, Imaging, Orthopedic, Labs, and Gyms


SwarmLink™ is a vital tool for Patriot's investigative services team. It is the process of "linking" a claimant to any and all social media, public information and satellite mapping.

SwarmLinkTM Includes:

  • Pre-investigative work up
  • Activity check
  • Background check
  • Internet check
  • Geographical mapping of the data into the claim file.
  • SwarmLink™ is a powerful new pre-surveillance tool that will maximize surveillance efforts. Pre-surveillance, a full workup of the claimant, their residence, vehicle, neighbors, affiliations, and on-line activities are performed. The information is then linked together into one easy to read report provided to the field investigator and the client.
  • Fully armed with this knowledge, a field investigator can work a case pro-actively and around the claimant's schedule, ensuring a far greater chance of obtaining useful documentation and reducing "non-productive" surveillance efforts. In addition, these advance investigative techniques help identify and locate the claimant, assist to minimize documenting the wrong subject and decrease the time spent locating the claimant.


SwarmNet™ is a revolutionary active monitoring system that can detect and predict claimant activity by regularly and effectively scouring the internet for useful information on a subject.

Once initiated, investigators scour numerous pages on the internet including all known social networking and media sites, blogs, and search engines in order to gather information regarding a subject's online activities. Once a verifiable event has been located, the client is immediately informed and can order additional services.

  • Facebook reports over 850 million active monthly users
  • Twitter reports an average of 58 million daily tweets
  • Social media use accounts for a significant amount of time spent online
  • SwarmNet™ compliments field investigations by improving the focus of investigative efforts
  • SwarmNet™ identifies potential indicators of claimant misconduct to include side business operations, fraudulent or exaggerated injuries, malingering, and pre-existing injuries
  • SwarmNet™ Cycle is an innovative enrollment program for periodic social media and internet checks
  • Internet scrubbing at agreed upon intervals
  • Open communication with the investigative team to relay important information about a subject's whereabouts during an investigation