PN BidExpert™

PN BidExpert is a competitive online marketplace for the underwriting and risk management communities. It offers a range of insurance and risk management services fulfilled by prequalified independent service providers. Our vetting process for providers includes the performance of a background check and the review of technical qualifications to complete the work. In addition, every transaction undergoes a quality assurance review by our experts.

PN BidExpert interactive and user-friendly wizard allows underwriters and claims adjusters to publish job requests to the entire marketplace, optimizing quality of service and cost savings. A sophisticated algorithm matches new job requests with available service providers and pushes real-time notifications for a faster response time. Independent service providers are able to see all job requests they are qualified to complete and that may have been previously unavailable to them. This allows independent service providers to maximize their opportunities. The PN BidExpert community is a true meritocracy – quality of service is rewarded by a rating system completed by all parties.