DecisionUR is a high quality system platform that provides end-to-end web based utilization review capabilities for workers' compensation. DecisionUR tool was first in the market to automate initial reviews and to auto transmit peer reviews to appropriate URO and/or IRO. DecisionUR tool is a secure, scalable and highly configurable solution that supports a wide variety of business processes.

DecisionUR is a full-featured, easy to use SaaS based platform for capturing, automating and processing frequent, repeatable business decisions while reducing administrative costs and accelerating business processes. Managing and automating decisions increases the rate of straight through processing and ensures more effective and consistent operations.

DecisionUR helps automate and govern decisions and implement changes quickly to meet new market demands or policy requirements:

  • Improves the ease with auto assignments to peer review with configurable business rules
  • Helps manage and automate common requests and heavy transactional processes
  • Enables collaboration between claim systems and bill review engines
  • Implements changes easily and integrates with One Call, MyMatrixx, ADIN, REED Group, ExpressScripts and many others
  • Empowers business users with advanced reporting and secure role based security features
  • Enables business-rules decisions with automated rule flows and decision tables